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1. Disclaimer

These Rules don't exclude and don't limit, and also don't guarantee that the Investor can suffer losses owing to use of our Website. Within these Rules and according to the international legislation Company excludes all conditions, guarantees, opportunities and other conditions, whether it be imaginary or obvious which can be applied to the Website of the Company and to its contents.
Company doesn't bear responsibility to any Investor for any losses and losses which have become result of the following:

• Website using;
• impossibility of use of the Website;
• use of content posted on the Website;
• influence of content on the Website on decisions of the Investor.

Company doesn't bear responsibility for:
• loss of profit;
• deterioration of business;
• the income decrease;
• business interruption;
• loss of the expected profit;
• loss financial opportunities;
• loss of business reputation;
• any straight or indirect losses or damage.

Company provides the Website in use only in the fact-finding purposes, for internal and private use. Investor agrees not to use Website of the Company for, other than his direct mission, and also confirms that he understands that Company under no circumstances doesn't bear responsibility for any losses of profit. Missed benefit and other losses and/or damage which have become result of use of the Company's Website not for the intended purpose.

Investor agrees and confirms that any use of content of the Website on can be a guarantee of success in business, and that any content posted on the Website including third-party organizations, it can't be perceived as direct appeals and the guide to action. Company doesn't bear responsibility for any losses and/or damage which have become result of impact on the Website of the Company of viruses, malicious applications, DDoS-attacks, and other technically malicious applications and materials which can infect, including, your computer, the software, databases and other materials and carriers connected with use of the Company's Website or as a result of downloading of any content which is contained on the Company's Website.

Company doesn't bear maintenance responsibility of the websites on which hyperlinks can be on the Company's Website.Company doesn't bear responsibility for any losses, losses and/or the damage which has become result of use of websites, references to which can be posted on the Company's Website.

2. Investor's Rights

Investor has the right:

• to use Website as directed;
• to be registered on the Company's Website;
• to make investment actions with the Company's Website and the Personal Account using;
• to providing the Personal Account on the Website of the Company after registration procedure passing;
• for payment of percentages provided as a type of remuneration for deposited investments;
• for payment of principal amount after termination of period of validity of the corresponding investment plan;
• for standard referral reward receiving within and according to the Partner program of the Company (read about it in more detail, please, in the "To Partners" section);
• for receive the statuses provided by marketing of the Company which existence provides opportunitie of receiving the increased referral reward (read about it in more detail, please, in the "To Representatives" section);
• to use all content of the Website for promotion of Company's products and your referral link;
• to create no more than one account on the Company's Website;
• to enjoy the Company client support within and in accordance to these Rules.

3. Investor's Duties

Investor agrees with Rules and undertake:

• to comply and follow these Rules;
• not to use SPAM;
• not to use any malicious applications able to break working capacity and/or integrity of Website;
• to provide only actual personal data at registration;
• to be full age at the time of registration on Website;
• to show tolerance to other participants and investors;
• not to use the earned funds in the illegal purposes;
• not to support by funds earned in Company, but without being limited, the illegal and extremist organizations;
• not to use this Website as a way and means for money laundering;
• to use exclusively own funds in the investment process;
• not to use in the investment process, but without being limited, loan and/or proceeds of credit;
• to respect the right of the Company's intellectual property;
• to respect the right of the Company for a commercial secret, including the right for keeping in the secret all details of any private deal.

4. Company's Rights

Company has the right:

• to provide information and consulting services to the Investor;
• to suspend or to temporarily stop providing any information by means of Website without prior notice for the following reasons:
- adding of content on the Website;
- content updating;
- removal or editing of the Website content;
- urgent system updates;
- power lines shutdown;
- damage of processing equipment;
- damage of communication systems;
- force majeur circumstances;- any breakages of technogenic character.

• not to bear any responsibility for the inconveniences or problems regarded with a temporary suspension of the Website work which has become result of action of the aforesaid reasons;
• not to bear responsibility for the inconveniences and losses associated with a temporary suspension of services providing, which have become result of action of the aforesaid reasons;
• to suspend of services providing to Investor in case of violation of these Rules by Investor;
• to block the account of the Investor in case of violation of these Rules by the Investor;
• to make changes to these Rules without preliminary coordination;
• to make changes to Website content without preliminary coordination;
• to make corrections and/or additions to investment offers;
• to add new and/or additional electronic payment systems;
• to change the value of partner reward towards increase without preliminary coordination;
• to carry out mailing by all registered users of the Company;
• to use of the Investor personal data for optimization and improvement of investment interaction process;
• to stop cooperation with Investor at any time without explanation;
• to refuse cooperation to any participant without explanation;
• to provide every possible assistance and support to Investor within these Rules;
• to provide to Investor within 30 working days on demand the following data:
- statements of the funds movement of the Investor;
- information on investment of the Company;
- information on staff of the Company within these Rules;
- information on current state of working capital.

5. Company's Obligations

Company is obliged:

• to carry out payments in the specified regulations, except for cases when observance of payments regulations is impossible for the reasons out of control of the Company;
• to perform the percentage charges in the terms, which are specified in conditions of investment offers;
• to provide to Investor the Personal Account;
• to follow these Rules and Privacy policy;
• to provide consultations concerning of the investment process within these Rules;
• to carry out payments of partner reward;
• to provide to Investor the Website for use in completely operating state except the cases which are out of control of the Company;
• to use the maximum efforts for development of the investment directions of its activity for the purpose of improvement of services providing to the investors;
• to protect interests of investors in any economic situations;
• to use all lawful ways for granting profit to the investors in the full declared volume with guarantee.

6. Warning about the consequences

In case of found out fact of non-compliance, non-performance or ignoring of these Rules by Investor, and also in cases when Investor gives an assessment of sense and contents of these Rules at discretion, without adhering to the universally recognized norms of justice and an adequate assessment "as is" or when Investor it is proved has made the multiple registration on the Website, Company has the right to make a complete stop of the investment process and information and consulting interaction of Parties without the preliminary prevention of the Investor's Party.

In that case process of return of investment funds, and also maintenance of the Investor's Personal Account it is impossible and permanently isn't subject to recession in the "status quo" condition.

7. Other provisions

In cases when there are disputes or disagreements between Investor and Company, permission of such situations is carried out by bilateral negotiations, without voluntary or compulsory intervention in negotiation process of the third parties. Negotiations are performed before full and exhaustive settlement of the conflict situation at unconditional respect for commercial and/or other interests of both Parties within these Rules.

All content of the Website and/or its application, is sole intellectual property of the Company. Any use of this content has to be followed by the corresponding comments in shape which more exhaustively and unambiguously in detail provides information about owners. Any copying of content of the Website for the purpose of further commercial use, is possible only on the terms of preliminary coordination with owners.

Company reserves the right to make changes and additions to these Rules without receiving consent for of the Investor.Company undertakes to inform investors about of this kind and/or additions changes in the form of news, which will be published in appropriate section of the Website, and also by means of mailings on e-mail addresses of investors and the participants, which have registered in the Company and which have been specified by them at registration of the Personal Account in the Company.All changes and additions come into force from the moment of the given information publication on the Company's Website. In case any change or addition has to come into force directly from any concrete date, about this circumstance will be stated additionally.

8. Warning about the risks

If for the reasons which are out of influence of the Company, further investment activity becomes impossible, the funds compensation can't be carried out. In this case Investor can't demand compensation of possible losses from the current and/or other financial funds belonging to the Company. Any investment activity is subject to certain probable risks and losses of investment funds can be consequences of emergence of these risks.


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