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How it is possible to characterize activity of the Option Investing Limited company briefly?

The main directions of our business are percentage and currency swaps, and also derivatives trading. We don't trade the assets. We trade the financial risks. Option Investing Limited buys or sells financial risks, with guarantee profiting from these transactions for the investors. You can read in more detail about our activity directed to generation of profit in the “About Company” section.

How is legitimate the business of Option Investing Limited?

We do own business in strict accordance with the legislation of Great Britain, and also according to the international legislation regulating commercial relationship of the international corporate subjects of business activity. All our activity is regulated by the corresponding official permissions and licenses. It, in particular, confirms by our membership in ISDA.

How to begin cooperation with your company?

Having been registered on the https://neliot-trade.com/registration website, you become the full participant of ours investment activity and you can make investments into the company

At registration I have specified my personal data. How it safely?

We don't transfer personal data of investors to the third parties and we observe the Privacy policy strictly with which you can get acquainted in more detail in the appropriate section.

How is safe to use the company's website at investment process?

Understanding that when using our website there is an exchange of confidential information, and also in view of the fact that malefactors can use the Internet in the purposes, company has provided for its investors website, equipped with the most modern and effective means of data protection, anti-virus programs, the ssl-encrypting protocol, DDoS-protection and has placed our website on powerful and reliable hosting servers. These ways of protection are sufficient for observance of the highest requirements to safety using of the website.

What should I do after registration to begin to earn?

Any user registered on our website has the right to begin investment, having made the deposit on one of our investment plans. Just log in to the Personal Account, and create the deposit, following simple instructions of system.

How soon I will be able to get my first profit after deposit creation?

After you have made the deposit in the company, the first profit charge will be available to withdrawal to your e-wallet in 24 hours. You can read in more detail about it having passed into the УTo InvestorsФ section.

May I create two or more Personal Accounts in the company?

Multiple registration are forbidden. However, you can register no more than 3 accounts with the same payment requisites. Using in the investment purposes more than 3 accounts with the same payment requisites will lead to blocking of all Personal accounts of such investor.

In case I create the second Personal Account, using other PC, but the same IP-address, whether it will be equated to the creation of the multiaccount (multiple registration)?

No, it will not. You can create Personal Accounts, using the same IP-address, but on the different devices having an access to the Internet. It isn't a case of multiple registration creation.

Can I transfer funds for another investment plan, before having made the deposit to one investment plan?

No, you cannot to do this. This option is unavailable. In case if you have made the deposit already, it can't be changed to other investment plan.

How to make the deposit in the company?

Log in to the Personal Account and fill up your account for the sum which you want to invest. After then open the deposit, chosen by you.

What conditions of charges on the company investment plans?

We offer two options of funds charging. According to the first option of charges are made daily, including the days off, and according to the second option of charges are made only on the working days (except Saturday and Sunday).

Where I can look at information about the earned funds and on active deposits?

You can always control your investments, using possibilities of the Personal Account. In particular, to find information about the earned funds and on active deposits, it's rather simple to you to log in your Personal Account. This information is located on the homepage of your Personal Account.

What payments regulations in the company?

If your deposit has been made on the "Proven Money" investment plan, then both charges and processing of withdrawal requests will be processed daily, on calendar days, without days off.In case you have made the deposit on the "Cash Flow" investment plan then both charges and processing of withdrawal requests will be processed only on working days. On the weekend processing of withdrawal requests for this investment plan isn't processed.

May I make several deposits on one investment plan at the same time?

If you want to make several deposits on one investment plan, you have to pay attention to that circumstance, that on the "Proven Money" investment plan is possible to make no more than 2 (two) deposits at the same time.As for "Cash Flow" investment plan, the number of deposits on this investment offer which have been made at the same time, aren't limited.

What minimum investment amount?

Minimum investment amout is $100.

What maximum sum of investment?

Maximum investment amout is $50000 and more.

Can I withdraw ahead of schedule my principal amount?

No, you cannot do this. An early withdrawal of principal amount isn't provided. However, we want to pay your attention to that circumstance that on condition of providing proofs of ASAP need of principal amount withdrawal, we shall review this request in the exception case and we'll provide decision within 5 working days.

What electronic payment systems are used at an investment into the company?

We suggest to carry out investment, using the following electronic payment systems:Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, AdvCash, Ethereum.

What additional payments and/or fee commissions are provided by the company?

We don't charge any additional fees or hidden payments. Only transparent and mutually beneficial business relations with each investorFor safety of all financial transactions, all withdrawal requests are processed in the manual mode, upto 48 hours.

What minimum amount is available for withdrawal?

Minimum sum, you can withdraw your e-wallet, having created the withdrawal request not less, than $0.1 amount.

What maximum amount is available for withdrawal?

There are no restrictions for the maximum amount, which you can withdraw to your e-wallet.

Whether there is in the company a possibility of funds withdrawal on electronic payment system, different partner reward, are processed only on that electronic payment system with which using such from that, which has been used during the deposit creation?

All payments including corresponding deposit has been made.

My withdrawal request still processing more than 48 hours. Why?

Most likely, you have created withdrawal request on Friday, and your investment plan it is "Cash Flow" investment plan. According to conditions of thet investment plan withdrawal request for the days off aren't processed. Respectively, your request for funds withdrawal will be processed on Monday.

Where I can find my referral link?

You can find your referral link in the "Partner system" section of your Personal Account.

Where I can look at data about my referral structure?

You can find information about your referral structure in the "Partners" section of your Personal Account.

Where I can look at data about my upline?

You can find information about your upline in the "Partners" section of your Personal Account

Can I change my upline?

Yes. To change your inviter, you have to create the corresponding inquiry in company's support, having specified the reason of your upline changing, and also having specified an user name of that inviter whom you want to see yours new upline.

Can I see an user name of the one who has invited me in the company at registration?

Yes. In the registration form will be seen your upline if you used for registration an active referral link in the following format:”ref=upline“,where "UPLINE" - a user name which has invited you in the company.

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